This Octopus Is Fond Of Stealing Shells. The Reason? You’ll Be Surprised When Discover Why!

The octopus is one of the cleverest animals in the animal kingdom. I am sure you remember the incident where an octopus could predict the winning football team sometimes back. The octopus died, and it was given a decent burial! Sometimes back, there was a video showing how an octopus attacked a crab, and the incident surprised many people. When I came across this clip, I knew I had to share it with people to show them how smart the octopus can be.

In this video, you are going to see an octopus which is even more intelligent than the ones we have come across before. Coconut octopuses are well known for their uncanny behavior such as shell gathering and bipedal walking. I know there is someone wondering why this octopus has to gathers shells. It uses the shells to hide from curious divers and predators. Don’t you think that’s a brilliant idea? Since this creature is known well for its habit of stealing shells, it has been named “kleptopus.”

Watch this clip, and see how this creature protects itself. Kindly SHARE this video with your Facebook friends if you think this creature is bright!


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