This Owner Doesn’t Like The Fact That You’re Tipping His Wait Staff, And He Has A Solution…

Anyone working as a waiter in any US restaurant will tell you that they get a major percentage of their earnings from the tips they receive from people like you.

But it has long been suspected that the restaurant managements don’t pay their staff well because they expect them to shore up their peanut salaries with what the patrons leave behind. That means that if you’re a waiter and a patron doesn’t say ‘keep change,’ then you should as well start filling for bankruptcy.

This situation has been eating at the restaurant staff across the US, until one guy got smart.

Kevin Cox, the guy that owns Bar Marco, won’t be allowing any more tipping in his restaurant, simply because it’s not the right way to treat his good staff. Instead, Kevin and the business co-owner, Robert Fry, have decided to increases the employees’ salaries and expand the business operations to cover the costs. In addition, the workers will be getting some shares in the business as well as medical cover. Would your tips cover that?

The logic of it all is that the workers will be motivated to work more efficiently and love doing their job along Strip Avenue in Central Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. This will also protect them against the stresses of the job. They no longer have to worry about “non-tippers.”

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