This Performance Is Enough To Get You To Tears… Amazing!

When you are young, your future is not always what you have in mind.  Mostly, the interests are gaming; movies, fashion and hanging out. However, there is always that one exception to the rule. In this case you will meet Isaac Waddington, a sixteen year old teen on his way to being a star.

Isaac appeared on the Britain’s got talent show and performed Billy Joel’s “She is Always A Woman. His performance just stole the show. He won the audiences’ hearts with his smile and jokes and sealed the deal with his amazing performance. In the clip, Isaac’s voice fills and wows the room, you could hear a pin drop!

What is really breathtaking is the way he pulls off his performance. He puts emotion at the right moments and it’s hard to resist being pulled in. It literally just makes you feel the music as he moves through the lyrics.  If Isaac and Joel could perform the song together, it would definitely be a sold out show.

Isaac is sure to make it far in this competition.

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