This Pilot Dad Took His Little Daughter Up For A Wild Flight. Her Reaction? Priceless!

Every dad out there will admit the fact they are always thinking up a cooler way of getting their kids to pop out their eyes. They will try doing even the most unbelievable things on the planet.

Now, here is a dad who wants to wow his daughter, but he happens to be a good pilot, so he takes her on a ride.

And it’s a wild one!

Of course all dads want to show case their fatherly skills in the best ways possible, but this one is clearly taking the money. I had to watch this clip a few more times to really take it in. It’s just adorable, especially the kid’s reaction to the ride. Being up there and watching everything you have been used to looking up at would move any kid, and this one is bound to love her dad forever!

Now to the dads: You’ve been challenged. Can you beat that?

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