This Pit Bull Is Surrounded By Garbage, What Happened Next Made The Headlines!

LA’s Waste Management team gave Hope For Paws an urgent call informing them of a pit bull which was seen wondering within their recycling facility. The poor animal lived within the heaps of garbage. The surroundings alone looked scary.

Saving animals is associated with some complexities. Some rescue missions may appear to be quite easy while others can be so difficult. This one was not easy to carry out since it required two days to be successfully carried out. Moving though the piles of trash made the whole mission hard and the waste management group was needed so as a clear pathway could be established for the rescue team to reach the dog.

This clip is a footage of the rescue mission which was carried out by Hope For Paws while trying to rescue the dog. The willingness and patience of Eldad, the leader of the rescue mission is so overwhelming. He is a person who is ready to risk to ensure needy animals are taken care of. He jumps onto trash piles and climbs in sewers just to ensure the mission succeeds.

Thor, as they ended up calling the dog, was taken and given the much-needed medical attention and a nice bath. At the time this video was being posted online, he was in a perfect health condition and was ready to be adopted.

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