This Pit Bull Saw A Pineapple In The Kitchen, But You Won’t Believe What He Did Next!

It is a normal thing for dogs to bark constantly, but it is strange when a dog starts barking at a piece of fruit.
Jolene Creighton uploaded a video of her Pit Bull, Stella, barking for an unknown reason in the kitchen. It took Jolene some time to realize that her dog was actually barking because she felt threatened by the pineapple.
Jolene said that Stella is not courageous enough when she encounters new things. At first, Stella approached the mysterious fruit left on the counter in the kitchen, but once Jolene grabbed the the pineapple and placed it in front of her pet, she retreated and started barking nervously. It seemed that Stella was trying to warn her owner of the dangerous threat she felt. What do you think?

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