This Pup Farts Near To Her Brother, His Reaction? So Funny!

Wow! We have something over here. In this video, there is a little rivalry between the siblings. It’s quite hilarious!

You will see Mac trying to get used to his new sister, Lacie. The parents know that Lacie is fond of playing “dirty.” In this clip, you will notice that she isn’t afraid of letting Mac know who the boss is in this territory.

When the argument heats up – yapping on each other, this “dirty” sister takes it to another level. She turns around and sticks her butt on her brother’s face. What follows after is quite funny. It reminds me of what kids used to do when I was young. I am happy that no kid in the neighborhood managed to do something like that to me.

Mac is not happy at all, and it is quite evident from his face. I couldn’t hold my laughter back while watching this clip. Did it ever cross your mind that a pup would do something like this to the other?

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