This Song Has Been Inspiring People Since 1955. It’s Just Beautiful!

Any time someone mentions Fred Parris and The Satins, all you can think of is the great hit these guys hit us with back in 1955. Even more interesting is the fact that this song was produced in a church basement in Connecticut!

By 1956, “In The Still Of The Night” was stealing people’s hearts at position 24 in the pop charts, and that tells you how much of it is. It came back strong in 1987 as the soundtrack to the movie “Dirty Dancing.” It made that movie put out over 10 million copies. By 2010, the hit was at position 90 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time!

That said, you must be itching to really get to listen to this song. It’s something that has inspired so many people, including the likes of Debbie Gibson, Boys II Men, and the Beach Boys. They’ve all covered the song. But still classic is great, so sit back and enjoy this cool clip of the original. This is too good!

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