This Special Lady Gets Her Inspiration From Dancing With Her Dad. Watch!

When she was born into this good world, McKenzie Michelle Carey was perfect. She was all normal and beautiful. She was a cute little kid that felt good about everything. But change is inevitable, and hers took another dimension.

As she grew up, her family noticed that Carey wasn’t really developing in line with her age like other little girls. She was a little stalling, and that wasn’t any good news especially to her loving dad. Turns out, Carey was suffering from a disease that affected her normal growth. But all wasn’t lost!

In fact, Carey doesn’t care about her disease of whatever they call it. All she wants is a good dance – A dance with the nicest and the loveliest guy in her life. Carey will always be okay as long her dad is there to have a nice dance with her. Wow!

In the video, Carey is in a really good mood, and she wants to use it to have some good tie with her dad. And what better way than dancing? You’ll love this. When her dad gets up to dance with this nice lady, you’ll get emotional!

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