This Stranger’s Act Of Kindness Was Enough To Make This Dad Shed Tears!

Who said that fathers never sacrifice for their kids? The clip below will demonstrate to you that a dad is able to do anything for his kids.

Meet James, a father who relocated to Denver from New York City so that he can offer a good life to his little one.

While on a #GoBeKind trip which has the aim of searching Good Samaritans in the world, Leon Logothetis, a TV host came across him.

Confessing to Leon, James said that he had to relocate so that his son can finally find himself in a good place, which has all the things that he never had access to while a little child.

Although he ended up having a better life, all things never went as expected. He managed to land on a job but became homeless. He revealed that the prayers, his son and meditation were the only things that makes him strong and persevere through the hard times.

They had a chat with Leon who told him what he was doing in his trip and handed him $1,000. Leon went further to give James another present which made him emotionally carried.

Leon’s strong and touching message in the clip moved people who contributed more than $15,000 in less than a day to the GoFundMe page that was created to support James and his son

Leon has definitely helped many, you can read his touching book called The Kindness Diaries, or visit his site at, also on Facebook too!

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