This Trio Took A Nice Song And Made A “Jazzy” Out Of It. You Can’t Skip This!

So The Voice Australia is back on, and guess who’s in this time?

It’s the Koi Boys, and they’re doing a jazz version of one nice song that’s been interesting everyone. It’s “All About That Bass,” by Meghan Trainor, and what these 3 guys are doing with it is as great as the song itself.

The three are a talented lot, not to mention that they’ve been singing together for so long, so it’s only natural that their great voices would come together all so perfectly and produce a rhythmic song that everyone will want to listen to!

Before you talk about how people are fond of coming up with all sorts of covers for good songs, you first need to know that this trio is talented. They’re about to blow you away with this wonderful cover. In fact, it’s jazz, and we all know jazz is good!

So go ahead and check out this clip and love it very much. If you think they did a really great job, then SHARE the video on Facebook and let your buddies have a good time watching it too!


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