This Woman Has A Heart Of Gold, What She Does To The Homeless Is Priceless!

A research conducted by the National Alliance to End Homelessness, revealed that in January 2015, there were 564,708 homeless people on the streets. Of these people, women are the ones who suffer a lot. Imagine how they survive in the streets without bras and what they undergo through when they have their monthly periods.

It is not a secret to anyone that homeless women suffer the most, when it comes to looking for food and obtaining their hygiene items. Without these sanitation products, these women never feel comfortable with themselves. For this reason, Dana Marlowe decided to do something.

Many people in her local area of Washington DC, refer this mother of two children as “the bra fairy.” Dana gathers lots of hygiene products including tampons, bras and camisoles and later donates them to the homeless women. She founded this project when she realized that she had lost 35 pounds. Instead of throwing her bras away, she decided to donate them to the homeless women. She also opened a Facebook page where other women saw this and decided to also donate theirs. until now, she has managed to donate more than 30,000 hygiene products and over 8,000 bras. Confessing, she said that the reaction they show on their faces when receiving them is priceless. She continued saying that even though handing bras and hygiene products to them never terminates their problems, but at least helps them a little.

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