This Woman’s Choice Of “Pet” Is Especially Shocking. A Wild Animal? Incredible!

It’s true that most Americas have pets. Some have dogs, some have cats and so on. Some even keep ducks and parrots. But what would you say about someone who manages to develop some friendship with a dangerous wild animal? It’s a little disconcerting, isn’t it? Well, its ‘happening here!

Danielle works at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, and she’s good at forging bonds with animals. In fact, she and Kekoa are an item. Now, Kekoa is one really huge wild wolf that you wouldn’t want to find yourself anywhere near, but Danielle is strong and brave enough to even sit right next to the big creature and cuddle up. She and Kekoa have developed the kind of trust that makes their friendship all the safer and enjoyable. I like this!

Watch as the two spend some really quality time in the snow, with the cool lady sitting on the snow while the wild animal towers over her. They even go ahead and cuddle up to show affection for each other. This really something you would wish for too!

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