This Young Girl’s Performance Leaves David Foster In Awe. So Talented!

The strength of this girl’s vocal range will surely blow you away. You don’t have to be an expert in the music industry to notice the kind of talent she has.

Charice is a rising star within the musical industry and she has already made herself a name at such a young age. She has been able to command a lot of respect with her powerful vocals. For her to reach such heights, she was under the mentorship of David Foster (a famous producer/songwriter). Here, she is joining her mentor on stage to do a rendition titled “All By Myself.” For any singer to convey the powerful information within the song, having a strong vocal range that’s strong is a must.

She is quite passionate when on the stage and exhibits her exceptional skill in this performance. I now understand she looks at Whitney Houston and Celine Dion for inspiration. 

Just a few seconds into her performance was enough to blow me away. The kind of shock, her performance leaves one of the musical elites like David Foster is enough to inspire anyone. She must have been on top of the world enjoying her experience in this particular occasion!

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