Though He Lost Around 300 Pounds, He Still Has Something That Disturbs Him. Watch This!

Not all people who wish to do what Matt Diaz has done end up doing so. He was 16 years old, six years ago and by then he weighed around 495 pounds. He made up his mind to lose some of the weigh since it made him feel a little uncomfortable. After a lot of exercising and keenly observing what he ate, he managed to lose 270 pounds. The milestone made him feel healthier and great, but then one issue came up that he needed to address.

Though his weight is now a thing of the past, there is something within him that reminds him of his past. His skin still sags from his body and that reminds him of his past state. Though he could see that whenever he took his shirt off, he was not one to allow that get him down. He went ahead and filmed himself and showed the whole world how he looked like.

What Matt did is a great act that requires one to be brave. He let everyone look at his appearance and make those with similar issues to feel inspired.

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