Touching Commercial Of Why God Created A Farmer. Nothing But Pure Facts!

The commercial you are about to see below is a simple one, very educative and eye catching. This ad which is narrated to detail by Paul Harvey features farmers and the farmland where they work on a daily basis. It starts like a movie but with only Harvey’s name which is overlapped on a picture of a cow located at a snowy field.

The starting statement of the ad is very touching as Harvey says that on the eighth day after God had created everything, he looked down at his wonderful creation and said that he needed a caretaker and that is how a farmer came to be created.

When you keep on listening to the commercial, you will get to hear some of the roles a farmer does while at the farm. For instance, milking the cows, spending the full day in the fields and back again to milk the cows before eating dinner and leaving to the town center to stay till midnight because of a school board meeting. Coming to the qualities of a farmer, he needs to be polite, a gentleman and tolerant. Apart from that, he needs to be a guy who is very innovative and can make a horse shoe from a tire of a car.

The purpose of the commercial is to just enlighten people on how hardworking the farmer is. When you watch the full clip, at the end of it, thoughts will come to you concerning how hard someone has to work to see that you have food on the table.

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