True Story Motivates The Production Of The Movie ‘Miracles From Heaven’ – A Must Watch!

Something terrible happened when Annabel and her sisters were climbing a tree. Annabel was unlucky to fall into the hollow tree trunk which was 30 feet deep. Her dad, mum and her sisters never knew if she was still alive or dead. But while they were staring at her, she managed to lift her arm which gave them hope.

Kevin, her father said that all he wanted was to reach the bottom of the hollow tree and save his daughter but it was difficult.

It took four hours, for the volunteer firefighters to rescue her. It was a risky task of chipping the rotten tree as there was a possibility of it falling on Annabel. Nearing her, they invented a makeshift harness which Annabel used to free herself from the hollow tree. Once outside, the doctors, and her family were surprised to see her well without even a single injury.

While narrating the story to her mother, Annabel confessed to have seen Jesus and they went to heaven where she sat on the laps of Jesus who told her that when she will be saved by the firefighters, she will be having no injury at all. Another surprise appeared. Before the accident, Annabel used to be admitted in the hospital because of the stomach complications she used to have. But after the incident, she was totally cured

The story touched many people and as a result a movie named Miracles From Heaven was produced from it.

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