Twin Saves His Brother From A Fallen Dresser In One Instant Of Absolute Amazement!

If someone told you that twins have a stronger bond than other siblings, would you believe them? What happens in this video will give you a clue!

We’ve come across videos and stories about relationships between twins, but this one probably the best. I’m in love already!

Brock and Bowdy are 2-year-old twins. One day, they were playing, trying to climb up the dresser when something unfortunate happened. The dresser got lose and fell on Brock. What happened next is too awesome to miss!

In a video captured by the nanny cam, Bowdy is seen trying to figure out the situation, and then decides on the best course of action. He lifts the dresser off his brother. Yes, the twin saved his brother from the entrapment of the fallen dresser. Awesome!

The dad saw it cool enough to post the video online to create awareness about the dangers of lose dressers in the house. Just make sure you bolt yours properly. Check out the amazing video here and SHARE with your Facebook friends!

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