Two Cockatoos Hit The Floor, And One Is Embarrassed. You’ve To Watch This!

They say that when you get the chance, shake it like it’s nobody’s business, and these two birds seem to understand and want just that. They want to do their dancing and ignore the onlookers, and that’s just what happens!

The funny part is that one of these two cute avian species is so well into the mix while the other one goes completely off the mark. But that doesn’t stop the messy one from doing her thing! There are few things such as a poor dancer who believes he or she is doing the beat big justice when in real sense they are just flapping around. Hilarious!

That’s what happens in this video. We have two cockatoos and then we have their owners. Now, the owners think it’s very okay to give their loved birds a memorable moment on the dance floor, and what happens next will leave you in stitches!

It only took a minute for the warm up to heat things up!

Watch as one of the buddies does real justice to the beat of “Don’t Be Cruel” while the other one seems to not even know the first thing about dancing. Elvis Presley would have loved to see how the birds treat his songs. You need to watch this!

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