Two Teddy Bears Land At Heathrow Airport, It’s The Moment You Can Ever Watch!

Now that the Christmas holiday season is upon us, everyone is working out the best ways to have a good time. People are heading back to their homes; back to their loved ones to spend this sacred annual period with them. Well, good to know that teddy bears, too, aren’t letting it slip past them!

There’s this commercial that’s taken the world by storm, and you’ll love it too when you know why. The commercial revolves around two little teddy bears, seemingly a lady and her hubby, travelling back to their family for the Christmas celebrations. So the old couple makes their way through Heathrow airport, all through the check-points to the luggage bay. They even get some help in handling their luggage. Now wait for the moment their family sees them!

I love this commercial. It represents the true reality during this season. In fact, you can be sure that after this, everyone will be aware of this good season and all its glory. Watch the video to the end and see the surprise in waiting. Their true identities!

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