Unbelievable! She Has Two Daughters. But She Chooses To Give A Doughnut To One!

It is a bad thing if a stranger can realize that a parent has singled out a preferred child. It makes it even worse when that parent singles out the preferred kid based on the child’s looks. Nicole and Nicolette are twins, and they have diverse body types. Their mom, Michelle, finds it hard to bear the fact that Nicole is heavier than Nicolette.

Michelle chooses not to talk to her daughter about this and know if she feels comfortable with how she looks. She instead embarrasses her at a doughnut shop. Michelle gives Nicolette, who is thinner, a doughnut but refuses to give Nicole one when she asks for it.

Michelle doesn’t care whether Nicole scored high grades at school. She is only interested in the looks.

Luckily, this situation comes from an episode of What Would You Do? a highly watched television series that looks into human nature through social research. Luckily, Nicole, Nicolette, and Michelle are actors. Nevertheless, that does not indicate that fat-shaming is not invasive and existent.

We are aware of an existing set of twins, one heavy, one thin, who when through a painful experience. It is because one sister was brutally tormented due to her heaviness. As usual, WWYD is split direct from the headlines.

Many people are not ready to support Nicole, in this episode. One person attempts to make her feel good by massaging his stomach and saying he is shapeless also. Nonetheless, one dad was not comfortable with Michelle’s frequent ridicule on Nicole and he eventfully says something.

He says he has one girl who is 8, and he would never tell her something like that. It is not acceptable.

If you have ever felt like standing up for another child against his parent, please share with us in the comments.

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