Unlike Other Dads, These Four Went Onstage And Did Something That Will Surprise You!

Many of us think that our fathers are not modern, since they in most cases do outdated things. Even if we really appreciate them as fathers, we think that they don’t possess the contemporary conducts, a notion that makes us hesitant of being noted with them publicly. These four dads were really prepared to give out an answer.

Just to commemorate Father’s day, the four dads decided to come up with a rap song explaining what it takes to be a father. Titled, Father Life, is an entertaining peep through all that is basically known as a common father’s experience. They’re self-conscious of their position in the society and they decide to hold on to it instead of disagreeing with it.

One after another, they air out their experiences in a rhythmic and humorous style. They perform the song so well that one might think that they have always done this all their lives, this even adds a certain perfection to the hip-hop beat.

If you were to be a judge, what would have been your criteria on these four dads? How could you analyze the rap? Does your dad possess the same guts like the ones the four fathers have? If you feel that this video is worth something, SHARE it with all your friends and fathers out there!


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