Urgent Message To All Parents: Please Keep Your Kids From This!

You wonder what’s up with these teens trying to prove their worth to their peers by hurting themselves. Take the case of this new game that tricks kids into giving themselves second-degree burns in the name of bravery and perseverance. What the heck is that?!

Although this game has been around for some time, it’s been gaining quite some traction on social media of late. Kids are challenging each other to it, and all the doctors get are young patients with burns on their skins. Some have even landed themselves in the ICU!

It’s called the Salt and Ice game, whereby the player places a mix of salt and ice on their skin and holds out for as long as they can. Whoever holds out for the longest wins. What they don’t realize is that this is dangerous. The salt lowers the ice temperature, and we all know what frost can do to the human skin. It can cause permanent damage.

Doctors across the country are appealing to parents to talk to their kids about this dangerous game. Get them to shun it. Watch the clip here and SHARE with all parents out there!

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