We Have Angels In The Police Force, Watch What He Did To One Addicted Homeless Man!

It was like any other day when Deputy Matt Holman from Greenville County Sheriff’s Office came across a homeless man while walking around. He discovered the man he had met was very troubled and decided to walk with him to a nearby church and have a little conversation. That is when he discovered that the tent which Robert called home had been carried away by the floods. After losing his family, he became addicted and that led to a strained relationship with his sister and brother who are existing.

The man’s story was so inspiring and it made the officer to search in his vehicle for an extra bible. When he failed to find one, he decided to do something which made the news. He went ahead and gave the homeless man his own bible – that meant he was going to miss the highlighted scripture and scribbled noted which he had taken many years to come up with. Though he had a great attachment with his bible, he knew he was doing the right thing by giving it out. Thereafter, he offered him some food and refused to take the few dollars which Robert gave him.

Six months after the encounter, Officer Holman got a voicemail from Robert. He was highly touched by the message and you can listen to the recording in the clip below. Though Robert died on March 18, 2015, what the kindhearted officer had done for him changed his life.

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