What A Tough Choice To Make Before His Wedding Day. Have A Look At This!

What would be your reaction if you were granted the chance to know your future, will you surely love to know it?

In most cases, we are conscious of what we do. No one loves to have a hopeless future and do everything to secure it. Other people do inquire from the horoscope, while others draft a plan that will control them for a certain duration of time.

Once, Benjamin Franklin wrote that the only things that were sure of in this world are taxes and death and the others quite uncertain. What he meant was that you can never find someone who knows what the future holds for him. I’m not criticizing the fortune tellers.

Manny Park, a hero in the film entitled “This One,” is the only one with the exception. In the film, Ki Hong Lee, a starring sightsees what occurs when Park finds his future being before getting married.

Manny Park returns in time to his actual present life and gives himself a caution on the spouse that he is about to wed. The path that he will take at the current life, will determine if he will be at a better or worse situation.

The big query for Manny is, what is he planning for his future and how ready is he to struggle to attain it. If it were you, what would be your decision? Please SHARE this story on Facebook to all your friends!

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