What She Did Made Her Family To Rejoice When She Passed Away. Watch This!

The death of a loved one is always accompanied by a grieving period and it takes a long time before normality can prevail. But when Emily, who is a mother, grandmother and wife died, she left her family smiling as opposed to crying.

Emily Philips died at the age of 69, around four weeks from the time she was found to have pancreatic cancer. The secret gift that made her family smile was an obituary which she had taken her time to pen down before her death. She called it the “Emily’s Death Notebook.”  The obituary had everything that needed to be done once she was dead and narrated her life in a humorous manner. According to Bonnie Upright, Emily’s daughter, what her mother had done left everyone including the entire world touched.

The Notebook had everything from her childhood to adulthood. The former queen had covered the funny moments she had gone through in a humorous way. It makes you understand why her entire family was left in a jovial mood despite losing her.

You can read the entire obituary here and witness the special message Emily had prepared for her family. I’m already falling in love with this mum. She will surely be missed by her family in a positive way.

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