What The Doctor Did To This Blind Mom Will Make You Cry!

Of course the blind can’t see, but they feel so much more than what we can ever hope for. It’s like their senses are a little “exaggerated.”

This isn’t really that new. John Bramblitt is blind, but his paintings of his wife and son can have you jumping, and he does that by just touching and “feeling” their faces!

Any blind mom would very much love the first-time feel of her child’s skin, the hair, the head and even the simple smell. That’s what the expectant Tatiana is eagerly waiting for.

Many expecting mothers watch the growth of their children in the womb through the ultrasound screen, but Tatiana can’t see the screen. All she can do is imagine how it would look like. She even thinks the nose looks like a small potato. Very lovely!

Then we have doctor Huggies, and he wants to offer something unique to Tatiana. I had my tears streaming out when I came to know what this doctor had for this mom. You have to agree that doctor Huggies carries a really big heart!

Tatiana’s motherhood is sure to be beautiful! You have to watch and see for yourself. It’s just amazing!

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