What This 13-Year-Old Did To Her Bullied Schoolmate Is Warming Hearts. So Compassionate!

If there’s anything that can make a kid even lose interest in school, it is bullying. In fact, we’ve come across news of many kids being bullied to a point of committing suicide. Although it can be hard for a child to handle bullies at school, especially without much support, a single act of kindness from a friend can go a long way. Now, Shaylynn is one good child that seems to understand that, and she does take some action too!

Richard was a nice kid, but he didn’t wear good shoes. His shoes were very old but his family couldn’t afford to get him a new pair. His schoolmates would tease him all the time about his shoes, and that really affected the little good man. But that was to end soon!

Shaylynn was turning 13, and coincidentally, she saw Richard. He was sitting outside, all so gloomy and withdrawn. That’s when Shaylynn decided to do something. She went to her closet, took a pair of her shoes and came out with it. She gave them to Richard. Luckily enough, her mom recorded the whole episode, so we can watch it here. What a kind young lady. Her mom must be proud of her!

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