What This Baby Elephant Does Every Morning When He Sees The Tractor Driver Will Touch You!

The clip below is specially meant for those people who never believe that animals can be able to love human beings.

The clip below features a tractor driver who is also a volunteer by the name of Darrick and a baby elephant called Kham La. In the clip we see as Kham La together with other elephants sprint towards Darrick wherever they see him. Looking for each other has become a routine for each and every morning. It is a lovely sight to see how they make sound with their trumpets as they hurry to go and meet Darrick. For these elephants to behave this way, Darrick must be a loving and caring person to them.

The clip was filmed at Elephant Nature Park, where Kham La and the other elephants live. This park is found in Northern Thailand, and is a sanctuary for rescued elephants and also a rehabilitation center for them. The name Kham La means adorable, and the baby elephant was given birth to in 2011. After birth, Kham La and his mother were rescued and brought to the sanctuary to have a good life

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