What This Little Baby Did At The Dinner Table Is Stealing Too Many Hearts.. SO CUTE!

I don’t know about you, but I’m deeply in love with cute kids that make the internet go “gaga.” Many times we’ve come across some of the most viewed and shared clips of little humans pulling off some moves that only serve to steal adult hearts. This one here might be the leader!

So this family is sitting all comfortably at their dinner table. This looks like a really religious family in all respects. Before they can get down to enjoy their obviously lovely meal, they have to pray first. It’s the dad that’s handling the lead role tonight!

To kick-off the prayer session, dad announces it, and that’s when the little human across the table starts her thing. The cute girl extends her hands to hold her parents in a circle. She knows the drill already! But that’s not the end of it!

Dad goes on to pray for his family and the food before them, and when he’s done, the girl pulls another move that has the internet on fire! You just can’t pass this. Just watch it all to the end and see what happened.

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