What This Medical Staff Do To Their Patients Is Something To Thank Them For. I Love Those Vocals!

An anesthetist is a person who administers the ‘sleeping’ drug before a surgery. They also make sure you open your eyes at the right turn of the clock as scheduled after the operation. Now, that’s the kind of a nice job one Gary Cozine does, but he does it in an extra nice way.

Gary loves music, and you’ll realize that he also has some great vocal power to back up his love for singing. However, this guy likes to share his passion and using it to make people feel better. He and a team of medical staff love to see the patients in good spirits, and they even go to parties and other events with a medical theme. You’ll agree that these kinds of performances would make anyone feel really good, even when battling an illness. You’ll love what these people do to achieve that. From the dancing, singing and smiling, it’s all in here!

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