What This Teacher Does Stunned Me – I’m Not Alone, Watch How Ellen Reacts! So Touching!

Sonya Romero doubles up as a teacher and a humanitarian. When Ellen heard caught wind about her, she did all she could to invite her to her show. Though she did that, she never expected it could turn out to be a day to remember for both of them.

Sonya works at Lew Wallace Elementary within Alburquerque, NM as a kindergarten teacher. The way her day starts while with her students touched me most.

She always starts by inquiring whether her students ate something, need to comb their hair, brush their teeth or they are in need of clothing.

She has one biological son and is a foster mom to two children who needed a home. The two were at one time her students.

This is a woman who has highly touched the community where she lives. Ellen goes ahead and reveals to her how different people appreciate whatever she’s doing. Ellen then surprises her with two checks worth $10,000 each, one for Lew Wallace Elementary and the other for Sonya. She joins the list of the many woman, Ellen has surprised at her show and we believe she’s not going to be the last.

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