When Asked By His Mother To Hand Over His Little Brother, This Is What He Had To Say… Surprising!

There are two ways that a first born will either react when he/she gets to know that she has a newborn brother or sister. He will either become jealous because the attention he used to get will definitely be shared with the newborn or he will feel happy to have someone to call a brother or sister. In the clip below, we see how one kid reacted when he gets to know that he has a little brother.

In the clip we see this 3 year old Waylon and his baby brother called Lawless, in his arms. The video was posted by his mother, Emily Matthews, who resides in Jackson, Tennessee. When his mother asks him to hand over the baby to her, Waylon practically refuses to do so.

Revealing to the local newspaper, Emily said that Lawless would be very happy to have a brother like Waylon. The clip became very popular in a very short time and when asked why she thinks it went viral, Emily responds that it is because it touched people making them aware that there exists love, which is the most important thing.

Apart from wanting to hold Lawless forever, Emily confessed that Waylon was very helpful when it came to changing nappies and feeding Lawless.

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