When Barbra’s Delicate Voice And Susan Boyle’s Powerful Voice Combine, It’s Magical – WOW!

Barbra Streisand is a talented singer whose career has spanned for the last six decades. She is an icon in the American pop culture with a large fan base. Well, what happens when another celebrated songstress collaborates with Barbra? Nothing short of magic and bliss!

Thanks to YouTube, and the editing and video production skills, one YouTube user created a stunning duet with Susan Boyle and Barbara Streisand.

The duo is singing “Memory “by Cats. Barbra takes the lead and takes us down the memory lane. The melodious Susan joins in, and it is sensational.

The delicate voice of Barbara complements Susan’s powerful voice. It is easy to see why the video has the hearts of many people.

You will be tempted to replay the video over and over. I bet you will not get enough of the performance from the duo.

Watch the mind-blowing video below. Did you find the performance from the duo stunning? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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