When Dad Introduced His Daughter To His Identical Twin Brother, The Girl Loses It. Funny!

When the little girl first saw her dad’s identical twin, her reaction was a natural one.

The little girl meets her uncle for the first time.  When she is introduced to the uncle, she is excited. However, a confused look plasters her face when she sees the resemblance. She looks at her dad and darts her eyes to the visiting uncle.

I love the bewilderment on her pretty face. She is visibly shocked and wonders how two different people can look so alike. Her eyes widen in amazement.

Her mom notices the confusion in the little girl’s eyes. I am sure she has a lot of questions in her mind. The dad holds her, removes the pacifier from her mouth, and tells her to greet her uncle.

I understand why the baby is confused. I cannot even tell them apart without looking at their clothes.

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