When Her Boyfriend Refused To Kiss Her, She Did Something… A Must Watch!

Wonders will never cease to happen in this world. Every day we see different things which make us ask ourselves where the world is heading to. In the clip below, you will be surprised to see what happened to one boyfriend and his mate.

The boyfriend had taken her girlfriend to an outing at a Knicks game in New York City, of which he thought that it was the best idea for a date. But what he never knew is that the romantic place he chose to go with her was soon to turn to be the very place that will terminate their relationship.

When a time came for them to appear on the kiss cam, she expected him to give her a kiss but instead the boyfriend ignores her totally and keeps concentrating on his phone. This makes her get embarrassed in front of the multitude of people present at the stadium.

Planning to revenge, she simply turns the other side where there is another guy and…

OMG, you need to watch this video to see what happens next. Let us know what you would have done were you the boyfriend of this daring girl.

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