When She Put A Sign Asking For Pizza At The Hospital Window, She Never Expected This…

When Lexi Brown was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 12, she was admitted at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA in California. The hospital ward where Levi was, was just in front of immense frat houses. When Levi and her mother felt bored, they would pass time by putting a sign at their room’s window saying that they needed someone to deliver a pizza. They never thought that their game would result to something surprising one day.

One day, the inhabitants of Sigma Alpha Epsilon saw the sign and they delivered the pizza, roses and a guitar to Levi. They were more than 20 people who decided to just entertain Levi by playing music. This made Levi’s mother to cry out of emotion.

From that day, Levi became a best friend of SAE brotherhood, and they would invite her to outings like watching a football match, and the women’s tennis athletes too. The frat brothers kept paying her regular visits where they would play cards and even have a conversation.

An unexpected thing happened one day when both parents of Levi and her had a glance at the hospital window.

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