When The Groom Did This, Dad Instantly Knew His Daughter Had Made The Right Pick. It’s So Energetic!

We’ve come across so many wedding dance videos, but this one hit the right spot. You see, surprising the bride with a cool dance during the ceremony might sound a little rash or inconsiderate, but wait until you see what happens in the lovely clip. You’ll definitely be saying yes to every move and beat of it.

So it’s during his wedding, and this smart groom has some secret he wants to expose. He wants to do something great for his love, something that’ll stick to both her and guests’ memories forever. At one point during the proceedings, this groom grabs the microphone and talks to the bride’s dad in such a comic manner that’ll send you down on the floor, before you get up and move with the groom and his men when he starts something else on the stage.

The dad can rest assured that his daughter is no longer Ms. Kirbi Thomas. This is Kirbi Smith now!

Lanny Smith, the bridegroom, led his men as they sang and moved to the Temptations beats of “My Girl,” and you’ll to shake it too.

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