When These High School Dancers Start Moving, You’ll Drop. Must Watch!

It’s common practice for some talented people to show up at matches and grab a chance to wow people during the half-time. If the match involves some high school teams, the half-time performers will most likely be “high schoolers.”

Case in point is what happened at the Mohomet-Seymour High School during a match. During the half-time session, the school dance team showed up on the grounds to make their presence noticed, and you can be they did it perfectly. This video has it all!

So they match up to the center of the playground and gather up. Everyone take their places as they get ready to pull off the best move ever. Now wait for that critical moment when they start it. I’m staring!

You just have to take one look at this to realize that such young dancers are also capable of stealing your heart with just a move. To make it much better, they come with a message, a great one that you just can’t ignore.

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