When These Kids Are Asked Simple Questions, Their Responses Stun All!

If you are approached by someone and asks you to select a person who you would wish to have a meal with, who will it be? There is no doubt that people will name their celebrities or important people like presidents or the pope. Some will choose to have the meal with famous music singers, internationally known athletes, or even the founders who fought for the independence of our countries.

In the clip below, some people were asked this same question and the answers they gave were of some famous musicians like Marilyn Monroe, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian. Even though the couples gave their different opinions, they all those current pop music stars.

After asking some couples the questions, the Masterfoods commercial makers go ahead to ask the kids of the couples so as to hear their answers while the parents go to another room to watch them answer. In their minds, they think that the kids will shame them by revealing their character.

Upon being asked the question, the kids answer immediately. They say that they would like to…

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