When This Groom Decides To Pull Off A Surprise, I Get Very Wowed!

Warning: This doesn’t happen every day!

It’s on the wedding day, at the reception, and the groom is about to do something!

Jeff Loehrke and his bridal party had it all laid out, and in a big way. If any of the wedding circuits claims to have seen something like this before, they’d be lying, because this kind of a smooth dance is just out of this world!

When these people decided to move to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” every jaw in the vicinity just dropped!

And that’s not all.

Just when I thought the dance was cool and exciting, it got even cooler and more exciting when the bride hit the floor half-way through the dance. I had to clap!

You’ll have to agree that whatever these guys had planned worked just so well and that this is one of the best wedding videos you have come across. I had to agree too.

Watch this cool clip and tell us what you think of this first dance. It’s so amazing that Jeff and his bridal party could pull this off so well, with just a single rehearsal the night before.

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