When This Lovely Family Starts Something In A Silo, You’ll Surely Fall In Love. Awesome!

What a friend we have in Jesus!

You’ve most probably listened to and greatly enjoyed that song, but today things are taking a whole new direction for the better, and you can’t help but get smitten by what this family has decided to do. I’m already in love!

The thing about good families is that they love doing stuff together, and it turns out that this one in particular has a soft spot for gospel music, so they picked on the best of them all,” What A Friend We Have In Jesus.” The setting is just interesting and heart-warming too. Who knew silos could get this useful?!

So they’re in an empty silo, and they joining voices in belting out the great and touching lyrics to this all-time favorite hymn. The effect is electrifying. This is one of the best renditions I’ve ever seen. Awesome!

You can’t pass this. You’ve to use that play button right now and get blessed here. If you find this video as great and lovely as we all did, go ahead and SHARE it with your buddies on Facebook. Drop a comment too!

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