When You Decide To Vacuum A Macaw’s Head, Expect A Reaction. Watch This!

You might think that a vacuum cleaner can only be used to clean floors, until you realize its other uses. While most other animals hate the vacuum, this beautiful, gold and blue bird loves it as much. It took me a little while to get adapted to the fact that this macaw’s can’t get enough of the suction. Any other bird would be horrified by such an intense sensation.

Parrots are very intelligent creatures and there’s no oddity when a bird loves a scratch or two. You will be shocked to know that some parrots even take showers. While this particular bird exhibits some special personal preferences, it’s not so off-mark compared to the whole parrot family. But at the 0:21 mark, you have to be ready to hold fast onto your seat. You’re going to burst out with laughter.

I happen to have many friends who keep these birds as their pets, but I’m yet to come across one of them as goofy and quirky as this parrot. Now, if you’re going to keep a parrot, be ready to relate to it like you would with a family member. That way, you can expect to really build a great relationship with your bird.

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