When You Discover Who Is In Love Over Here You Won’t Believe It. WOW!

Love, we all need love, someone to care, someone to think of. It’s said that, when you find true love, you should grab it, cherish and treasure it. Well, that said, what could be wrong seeing two animals in love? I can say is usual for animals of the same species to be good friends but unusual for animals of different species like in the video you are about to watch.

In this video, Oliver the cockatiel and Hailey the blue and white American pit bull terrier are in love. The owner of the two narrates that every time she leaves her room, the bird tends to walk out of his cage and walks across the room and sits on or next to the dog, she further narrates that the two are totally in love and it is the funniest thing ever. Sometimes Oliver will go missing later to realize he is sited on top of the crate watching Hailey sleep.

This is probably the cutest ‘animal love’. We normally don’t witness such extra ordinary stuff like this and from this story; I bet you will learn something.

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