When You’re Looking For The Most Watched Video, You’ll Bump Into This. I’m Watching Again!

Meet cute kids and loving moms!

Not every video racks up a 14 million view rate in under 3 days, but this one did. Want to know why?

Some moms are just so blessed. They can sacrifice just about anything to get their kids smiling, and you’ll nod to that when you see what Nikki and her 6-year-old daughter, Jaylyn, are doing in front of a camera. Not to mention that this mom is 8 months pregnant!

Carrying her second child still in her doesn’t stop Nikki from pulling off some really impressive dance moves with her kid, and they both take it deep in the heart. The song they’re moving to is the popular hit “Watch Me” by Silento, and you’ll give them a thumps up for the smart choice.

The two set up a camera in their living room at Carbondale, IL, and then proceeded to unleash what has become the most watched dance in the recent past. Jaylyn introduces herself as a great dancer while her mom swears to rock it. You just need a peek at this!

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