While Caught In Traffic, He Spotted A Choking Stranger And His Next Move Saved A Life!

When you are driving in traffic, you may throw a quick glance to other motorists and pay no attention to them.

One driver saved someone’s life. It was a snowy day, and Pavel Fesyuk was seated in traffic. He looked around, and something caught his attention. Pavel pulled his car over.

Pavel works for Town and County Pest Solutions Inc. He saw a man hunched over his car and something was amiss. True to his instincts, the man was choking and was on the verge of dying. All along, the dashboard camera was rolling.

What prompted Pavul to help the stranger? When Pavul saw the driver’s seat was empty, he knew the hunched man was not alright. Pavel performed Heimlich maneuver to help the man regain his breath.

Pavel grabbed the man and gave him a couple of thrusts, enabling him to swallow whatever was stuck in his throat.

The choking man said that several motorists passed by him and he was grateful that Pavel saved him/ Pavel’s mixed martial art training came in handy. Additionally, his firm Christian beliefs would not allow him to ignore the choking man.

Pavel is indeed a Good Samaritan.

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