While In The Bathtub, Woman Gets A Rude Shock When She Sees A Breech Baby. OMG!

When Nicole felt some abdominal pains, she shrugged it off as just some menstrual cramps “trying to ruin her day.” She had a fix for that, so she decided to have a hot bath. Turns out, there was more than she actually knew!

While having her good time in the tub, the pain got stronger, and then worse. She screamed out for help. Her brother, Steven, heard her noises and rushed to the tub, only to find his sister on the floor, screaming. He had to dial 911 right away!

However, it turned out that the supposed cramps weren’t really any sort of that. Nicole was having a baby! This was particularly surprising since for all the 9 months she was pregnant, no one knew – not even her! The baby was in a breach position.

Thankfully, Steven was good enough to call 911 and get some paramedics dispatched. What happened next is a total breath-taker!

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