Wild Monkeys Care For A Lost Tourist For 9 Days, See How It Happened…OMG!

The next time you want to go camping in the Amazon Forest in Bolivia, make sure not to piss off Mother Nature. This Chilean tourist learned that the hard way.

Maykool Corseo Acuna was with friends when they went camping in that forest. However, he failed to take part in a ritual thanking Mother Nature for letting them in. That’s how his troubles began. Shortly after, he found himself all alone, lost in the forest!

His friends searched for him for hours in vain. Maykool was to emerge 9 days later with a heck of a story to tell. It’s almost unbelievable!

When he got lost, the tourist was scared. Wild creature stung him all over his body. He was dehydrated and with no food. But this forest had lots of monkeys, and they noticed him. Now here comes the shocker!

The monkeys would give him food and point him to water points. They also directed his way to safety. How interesting!

You need to see this video to get the full story up to the moment he got out of the scary forest.

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