Wisconsin Just Passed This Law, And Now This Is How The Bullies Are Reacting!

What’s your take on bullying?

You see, some people may find it hard to identify the red line between playful banter between kids and aggressive attacks. Well, after much consideration, the police in Shawano, Wisconsin, have teamed up with the city council to pass a law that could potentially end the vice once and for all. As is the truth, bullying has resulted too many deaths. Approximately 6,000 victims commit suicide every year, and that can’t be good news. But now there might be some good news!

According to the new law, the bully’s parents will have to fork out a fine if their kid continues to act tough with others. You get to be warned only once, after which the fines keep doubling up. No parent wants that, and that maybe the reason why some people are taking it with a grain of salt. Some think it’s great and will be effective, others think it’s flat-out ineffective.

So, what’s your opinion on this?  Should the parents be held responsible for their kid’s bad behaviors? Check this out and drop us a comment. Also be sure to SHARE on Facebook to spread awareness against bullying in schools and colleges.

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