Woman drives by homeless man freezing in cold snow—with tears in her eyes, she rushes to store

The Christmas season is a time to celebrate and share all the joys with our loved ones. However, you should also remember that it’s a time to give back to the community by helping the needy. Some say that heroes come wearing capes, but this lady will give you a different perspective.

So this lady is driving on the road when she happens to spot a man walking on the street. This guy has no coat on and it’s freezing. It’s so cold that the lady can’t help but be sorry for this homeless man. Well, some people would just feel sorry and still drive past that man and disappear. Not this woman!

She turned her car around and drove back to the Burlington Coat Factory. She bought a very warm jacket and rushed back to the street where she had seen the man. She found him!

This lady stepped out of the car, helped the man put on that new jacket, and zipped it up for him. She even wished him a merry Christmas. What a blessing!

You need to watch this clip now. It’s so touching.

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